Piano Lessons


Linn Kezer Music Studio offers piano lessons in Rochester, MN, to children and adults of who are at a beginner or early intermediate level.

Mrs. Kezer will work with a student until he/she is ready to move on to a more advanced level of study and will then refer the student to a teacher who will work further with the student.

What You Will Learn

Students first learn to play using the black keys. At this point, we concentrate on proper posture and hand position. We will also work on understanding that as notes move higher or lower on the page (eventually on the staff), they move higher or lower on the keyboard and learn to recognize patters in the music. Also at this stage, you will learn quarter, half, and whole notes and will be playing with both hands separately.

Next you will begin to learn the notes on the staff. As you learn to read each note on the page you will learn its corresponding key on the piano. As new notes are introduced, so are dynamics, slurs, ties, and dotted notes and eighth notes. Next you will learn to play both hands at the same time. Then you will learn sharps and flats, both in key signatures and as accidentals, followed by simple chords. Once key signatures and chords are learned, simple transposition is introduced.

There are several method books that I use. If the student has a preference, I am willing to be flexible.


Lessons can be weekly or bi-weekly. They can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour. I will consider one-time lessons or occasional/non-scheduled lessons on a case-by-case basis.


The tuition for lessons are as follows. Rates will be increased as necessary to keep up with the cost of living. You will be given at least 30-days notice of such an increase.

$175/month for a one-hour lesson each week
$130/month for a 45-minute lesson each week
$85/month for a half-hour lesson each week


Payment for lessons will be made monthly and is due at the first lesson of the calendar month. I prefer payment by check, but I will accept cash, money orders, or PayPal. I do not take credit cards. Any bank charges incurred as a result of a returned check will be passed on to the check writer. I will not accept checks from students from whom I have received two returned checks.

Instruments, Music and Accessories

You are responsible for purchasing, and maintaining in good working order, your own instrument, music books, and any necessary accessories (notebooks, metronome, tuner, computer software/hardware, music recordings, etc.). Acoustic pianos are preferable, but electronic keyboards may be used as long as they have full-sized, weighted, touch-sensitive keys.




For more information on piano lessons in Rochester MN or the surrounding SE MN area, contact altoflutist@yahoo.com or call 507.993.8303.