Voice Lessons

Linn Kezer Music Studio offers voice lessons in Rochester, MN, and online via Skype, to children and adults of all skill levels, beginner through advanced.

Mrs. Kezer studied voice with Dr. Robert Harris at Armstrong State College in Savannah, GA. While at Armstrong, she joined the Vocal Chamber Ensemble in a concert tour of the British Isles. She also toured Florida and Chile with the Encore Continental Singers. She has sung the National Anthem for the Potomac Cannons (now the Potomac Nationals) and the George Mason Patriots' football team.

What You Will Learn


For students are new to studying voice, we will begin with learning to match pitch. We will use various song collections as our text books. You will learn to read enough music to follow the melody line of the music and to know how long to hold each note. From day one, I include dynamics, diction, good posture, breath control, tone, intonation, and expression in each lesson.

For younger students, I am very careful not to push the child beyond his/her physical ability. Lungs are not large enough to enable long phrases without breathing and the vocal cords are still developing and can be damaged if the student pushes too hard to get a big sound. I ensure that the student is aware of his/her limits and I teach within these limits.


For students who have been singing for a while or have previously studied voice, we will continue to use various song collections as our text books. We will work on solos that are appropriate to the student's skill level. I will continue to improve on dynamics, diction, good posture, breath control, tone, intonation, and expression.

At this level, students will begin learning to read music more thoroughly along with basic music theory. We will work on sight singing and ear training. You will learn to read music and the piano keyboard enough to be able to play the melody line of your songs.


For voice students who have learned the things listed in the beginner and intermediate sections above, we will begin to work on the standard classical repertoire, tackling an ever-increasing level of difficulty in the areas of diction, intonation, breath control, and interpretation. At this level you will begin singing in Italian, Latin, German, and French. You will apply what you have learned about dynamics, diction, good posture, breath control, tone, intonation, and expression to each piece of music you have learned. More advanced music theory will be integrated at this level.


Lessons can be weekly or bi-weekly. They can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour, but for voice students I strongly recommend at least 45 minutes. That give us time to warm up the voice and still have time to cover the material. I will consider one-time lessons or occasional/non-scheduled lessons on a case-by-case basis.


The tuition for lessons are as follows. Rates will be increased as necessary to keep up with the cost of living. You will be given at least 30-days notice of such an increase.

$200/month for a one-hour lesson each week
$150/month for a 45-minute lesson each week
$100/month for a half-hour lesson each week


Payment for lessons will be made monthly and is due at the first lesson of the calendar month. I prefer payment by check, but I will accept cash, money orders, or PayPal. I do not take credit cards. Any bank charges incurred as a result of a returned check will be passed on to the check writer. I will not accept checks from students from whom I have received two returned checks.

Instruments, Music and Accessories

You are responsible for purchasing all music books, and any necessary accessories (instrument cleaning supplies, music stand, notebooks, metronome, tuner, computer software/hardware, music recordings, etc.). Your voice is your instrument. You are responsible for maintaining it in a healthy manner by not participating in activities that are harmful (yelling/screaming, excessive exposure to cold temperatures or extreme humid/arid air, or singing with injured vocal chords or sore throat). If you have an upper respiratory infection (cold, etc.) that affects your voice, we will take it very easy vocally during your lesson and will use the time to work on other areas of your study.